Our candles are hand poured using a blend of natural coconut and apricot waxes. After researching and testing a wide variety of waxes we selected this wax combination because it's slow-burning, has beautiful creamy texture, an off-white hue and most importantly:

  1. It's vegan and does not contain any animal derived preservatives or additives.
  2. It does not contain parabens that can disrupt your hormone system
  3. It does not contain phthalates that can damage your liver, kidneys, lungs and /or reproductive system.
  4. It comes from renewable sources. 



  Our  ribbon  wicks are zinc and lead free, made from cotton   and  are wider than your traditional cotton braided wicks. When   properly trimmed these wicks have less mushrooming. The wider flame also helps produce a great hot throw.

Our traditional cotton wicks are also zinc and lead free. The flatly braided cotton wick is designed to burn more consistently, cleaner, and self trimming. We use these wicks in all our double wicked vessels. We found these wicks burn slower than the ribbon wicks, increasing the total number of burn time hours for the candles. 



 Like our wax, our fragrance oils are free from carcinogens; reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals that are normally found in other  fragrance oils. These toxins have also been known to trigger headaches, migraines and/or respiratory issues. 

We carefully blend our fragrances with non-toxic ingredients that are inspired by warm memories. Our candles will awaken your senses, fill your space without being overwhelming and transport you in time. 



All of our candle vessels have been carefully selected with your home and office decor in mind. Our minimalist chic vessels can easily be incorporated into your current decor designs. When your candle is finished, the vessel can be repurposed as decor or functional pieces.